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 Battle Faces Guide

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PostSubject: Battle Faces Guide   Wed Jun 17, 2009 1:59 pm

This guide is on battle faces , as ive realised not much people realise what the faces can do.

Ok, ill start with the description of all the faces:
- Perfect Face -You hit the note on beat exactly.

- Miss Face- You failed to hit the note.

-Red Face-You blocked the enemies attack successfully.

-Green Face-Your attack was blocked.

-Yellow Face- Your block was unsuccessful.

-Blue Face-You blocked the enemies block successfully.

Now everyone should know what the perfect face does and what the miss face represents... Pretty straight forward. Now I'll start off with the offensive faces.
You see how the green face blocks the enemies attack, as in block i mean you dont get any points from that specific note. This is normally activated with a x2 chain , so if you get a x2 perf and your not first, the person coming first will not get the note points. you can see an example here:
11 hits:

12 hits:

You can see how my score stayed the same from 11 - 12, my attack was blocked on that note. If the block was successful the red face should show above the attackers head and the green face will show over the victims head.

Moving onto Defensive, its pretty much the other way around , still activated with a x2. Say this note your opponent got a x2 and you got a x2, you would still get points , and instead of the green face and red face showing it shows the yellow face on top of the attacker if blocked and blue face on the victim.
Here you can see:

you see how both zun and RikuX got a x2 at the same time, therefore I blocked his attack.
NOTE: (IMPORTANT: say you got x2 then you continued chaining x3,x4 so on... you wouldnt be able to attack or defend.)
This is able to change the game massively especially in big games, if you are green faced on the fm, you pretty much miss your fm. Now people cant complain about "Score lag"
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Battle Faces Guide
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