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 Battling with NPC

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PostSubject: Battling with NPC   Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:08 pm

:: 2 - 4 players only
:: dance hall - ballroom only

There is three type of NPC

1. Xiao-chun - Simple
2. Yin Jun - Common
3. Bingbing - Difficult

There is three type of kill 1. stone 2. scissors 3. cloth

How to win this game
1.Stone vs Scissors = win

2. Scissor vs Cloth = win

3. Cloth vs Stone = win

Well the type of kill your group will present based on

1. majority
2. leader (the front player)

if u dont want to lose, leader should tell other player what type of kill want to present either:-

1. stone
2. cloth
3. scissor

If our team's score is lower than NPC, we need to press DEFEND
If our team's score is higher than NPC , we need to press ATTACK


If you won the battle you get one dance step or score certificate.
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Battling with NPC
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